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This document is to be used in reference with HP Printers with USB cable connection with a Windows computer. It is recommended to install the full feature HP driver in order to have the most supported feature from a USB connected printerGet ready to set up your HP printerBefore you begin, be sure to delete any previously installed printer drivers from Windows to get ready for USB connection setup and driver installation🡪Be sure to have the following list ready to go:Have the printer turned onHave a USB cable no shorter than 9ft in lengthHave an available USB port on your computer Connecting through a USB hub or docking station may prevent the printer from receiving the power it needs to function properlyIf you have connected the USB cable to your computer before HP driver installation, proceed with these steps for a successful setup. Otherwise, skip to the following step for driver installation🡪Disconnect your HP printer’s USB cable from the computer and DO NOT reconnect until prompted to do so during driver installation 🡪In Windows, search “Devices,” then select “Devices and Printers” under the control panel settings🡪Find your printer model and right-click on it, then select “Remove device” (if there are multiple icons present then remove them all)🡪Close out of the “Devices and Printers” window, then proceed with the next step Install the right HP driver and set up your connectionYou must download the best available HP printer driver to complete the USB connectionSearch 123.hp.com in your computer browser, then enter your printer model; follow along with the on-screen instructions on how to download your driverThe HP Easy Start might begin to download depending on your printer’s modelIf a driver or HP Easy Starts to download: Follow along the on-screen instructions and open the download file to initiate setup. When asked to select a connection type, select USB; and you will not need to continue with the next steps if installation and setup is successfulIf the download fails or you were unable to find your printer model on 123.hp.com: Proceed with the next few stepsSearch HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads on HP’s website and type in your printer model; confirm the operating system to make sure it is the right versionIf prompted to a “Let’s identify your product to get started” page, select “Printer,” then type in your printer model number, and then select “Submit”The result page for your printer will be shown with the default operating system previously selectedIf the operating system needs to be changed, select “Change,” then select the version you have, and then select “Change”Click on “Download” for the full software package, found under the “Driver” heading, or select “Basic Drivers” for other optionsWhen asked to choose a printer connection during driver installation, select “USB,” and finish setupTest your printer out with a print, scan, or fax, depending on your printer’s featuresHP printer not found or not connected during USB setup?The following steps are to help you troubleshoot and prevent connection issues during USB setupRestart printer and computer: Try turning both the printer and your computer off and then on again with a 15 second pause in betweenReconnect the USB cable: Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from both the printer and your computerUse different USB port: Try connecting the USB cable into another USB port on your computerDisconnect the cable from a USB hub or docking station: Try to connect the USB cable directly to the computer instead of a USB hub or docking stationUse a different USB cable: Try out a different USB cable which is less than 9ft in lengthDisconnect other USB devices: If there are several connections via USB, your computer may not have the sufficient power to supply the necessary power to your printer in order for it to function properly; disconnect any other USB cables that are not being usedIf you are still facing problems setting up your HP printer

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