Aol 1866 971 2778 Aol “Tech” support contact number

It is true that channels that used to be available to reach Aol were gradually buried deeper and deeper in the Aol pages and have been discontinued on the main U.S. ( site. These include the following:

  • Live Chat: Aol, at one stage, had a live chat system that was prominently placed on every Aol page. However, links were later buried in help pages and, now, Aol’s live chat is officially defunct.
  • Direct Email: It was also possible at one time to email Aol directly from your private email account using convenient addresses such as “[email protected]” and to obtain a response.
  • Unity Across International Sites: Some international sites still have these links or options, but many do not. Although Aol handles most international customer support in the same facilities as U.S. support, agents helping international users generally indicate that they do not have access to U.S. accounts in their system.

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